Chad Peplinski



Chad Peplinski has been an active martial artist since 1991. He achieved his first black belt in 1995 and has been teaching karate ever since. During his years of training, he has several systems of Karate as well as Aikido and Judo. In 2004, he began training at Tacfire and realized that the type of firearms training that was offered was an extension of things he was already learning and practicing.

Chad graduated from the Ventura County Reserve Academy as part of Class 2008-01. He received the Monahan-Myers Award by graduating as the overall top cadet.
He is Currently employed with Santa Paula Police Department. Chad is the designated breecher on the Santa Paula Police SWAT Team.

Firearms Instructor
Santa Paula Police Dept. (2009) 1072-21640-09-001 POST Certified Firearms Instructor
Assistant Staff Instructor Tacfire Tactical Firearms Training Institute
Affiliate Firearms Instructor Defense Training International, Inc
Tactical Revolver Instructor

Martial Arts
2nd Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate –
5th Degree Black Belt Shinshin Mugendo Karate –
Assistant Instructor Nobutake Strap Baton
Instructor Santa Barbara JKA

California Rangemasters Association
National Rifle Association (Lifetime Member)

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