Tacfire offers tactical firearms training to law enforcement and the general public. We understand each group’s special needs and we have catered each of our programs to reflect the optimal training techniques necessary to support those needs.

Be Responsible

Whether you are a beginning or intermediate shooter, the classes at Tacfire will give you the skills to use your firearm safely and effectively.
Firearms safety is a day-to-day function, you must practice it 100 percent of the time.
If you are not, and you do not have a complete understanding of your firearms, you may negligently wound and/or kill yourself or another.
You must learn to handle your firearms intelligently.
Firearms safety must be taken seriously, and is a significant component of self defense.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy.
1. Find the class that suits your needs. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will help you.
2. Email [email protected] with your request
3. Once we receive your request a confirmation letter will be emailed to you.
4. The confirmation will have directions to the range or classroom and other reminders.
5. If you do not have the required equipment needed for the class we can provide everything!!

Get Your CCW

California CCW (Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon)
If you are a resident of Ventura County we can help walk you through the process.
It is not easy and will take time, but if it is important to you – we can help.

We offer a 2 day (16 hour) CCW class.
The course will include approximately 8 hours of range and 8 hours of classroom and practical exercises.
Also included are a written test and course completion certificate.
The curriculum is the same as Defensive Handgun Level 1&3.
It is required to have only the best gear to support the process.
If you are looking for a fast, cheap and easy way to receive a course completion certificate – please look elsewhere

Dave Manning: [email protected]

“The serious, responsible and experienced trainers at Tacfire helped me refine my tactical firearm handling and get my CCW.”

Got My CCW!, – Tara

“The class work and coaching techniques Tacfire taught me have proved invaluable, expanding my law enforcement talent stack edge.”

Invaluable for law enforcement, – Simon

” As a beginning shooter, Tacfire made me feel comfortable and taught me the skills to use my firearm safely and effectively.”

Great for beginners, – Sarah
“The training I received at Tacfire exceeded my expections, they truly take care of their customers.”
Exceeded my expections, – Maria

Achieve Your Tactical Firearm Goals

It is our job to give you the tools to win. We are devoted to the continual development of our student’s skills and strive to provide the most effective and realistic training possible.