Get your CCW (Learn More)

It is not easy and will take time, but if it is important to you we can help.

Get your CCW (Learn More)

Step by step process:

1. Obtain an application from Ventura County Sheriff Records and Licensing at 800 S. Victoria Ave. Ventura Ca

2. Complete application, do not spend too much time on the section asking you to list guns. You could leave it blank or put down “not sure”. The only guns that will be put on your permit will be the ones that you can pass the training course with. Of course you can write down as many as you want, it will not matter. But do not rush out and purchase a gun just to complete that line!!

3. Return completed application as directed and wait for interview.

5. Get trained!! It will take the Sheriff up to 1 year to process your application. It will take the average person at least several months to recieve the proper training from TACFIRE.

6. After the interview you will be notified that you either “do not meet the criteria” or that you are “pre-approved”.

7. You will have 90 days to complete training.

8. The permit will be good for 2 years and may have restrictions.

We at TACFIRE take the CCW concept very seriously. Our training is very comprehensive and includes: handgun selection; holster selection; support gear; how to conceal the handgun; how and where to carry your permit and other ID; ammunition selection; how to challenge the threat and control them; How not to shoot every time you present the pistol and Most of all we will teach you to be safe and to avoid the need to use deadly force!!

Tacfire CCW Classes ( for residents of Ventura County only )

California CCW (Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon)
If you are a resident of Ventura County we can help walk you through the process.
It is not easy and will take time, but if it is important to you we can help.

We offer a 2 day (16 hour) CCW class. (Check Schedule)
The course will include approximately 8 hours of range and 8 hours of classroom and practical exercises.
Also included are a written test and course completion certificate.
The curriculum is the same as Defensive Handgun Level 1&3.

The fee is $500 plus range fees.

You will also be required to have only the best gear to support the process.
If you are looking for the fast, cheap and easy way to receive a course completion certificate than please look elsewhere.