Defensive Handgun 1

This course is designed to introduce the student on how to safely handle and accurately fire a semi-automatic handgun for self-defense while wearing a holster. This is the first class of the CCW series.


Approximately 4 hours will be spent in the classroom. Subjects will include, but are not limited to: Firearm safety; Marksmanship Fundamentals; Coaching; Pistol presentation & Recovery; Stoppage reduction; Ready positions & Scanning; Administrative Manipulation, Emergency reloading.




Approximately 4 hours will be spent at the range. Subjects will include, but are not limited to: Range safety; Presentation drills; Reloading drills; Don’t shoot drills; Stoppage drills; Challenge drills & Handgun Proficiency test.

Time: 9-5PM

Required equipment: Ammo: 200 rounds,
Range Safety Gear, Hat, Clothing appropriate for weather conditions.
Handgun, Holster, magazine carrier and 2 magazines all must be approved .

Fee $350

We can provide:
Range Safety Gear, Ammunition, Glock pistol, Holster, Magazine pouch and 2 magazines.

For family discounts or if you think that you already have the approved gear contact Dave Manning

*Class sizes are limited. Advanced reservation required.
Class slots will not be held without deposit equal to full tuition.
Deposit is nonrefundable unless spot can be filled.