Defensive Handgun 3

Concealed Carry Concepts

This course is designed for the intermediate student who has successfully passed Level 1&2 courses. The curriculum is designed to reinforce the safe handling of a semi-automatic handgun from the concealed carry.

Classroom subjects will include, but are not limited to: Color Codes of Awareness; Layers of Response; holster selection; concealment garments and CCW written test

Range subjects will include, but are not limited to:Verbal commands; pivots and turns; don’t shoot drills; safety circle, seated shooting position; close contact shooting; CCW shooting skills test

Tuition: $350
Time: 10-5PM

Ammo: 300 rounds
Other: Range Safety Gear, Hat, Concealment Garment
Clothing appropriate for weather conditions.
Handgun, Holster, mag. carrier, flashlight and folding knife must be approved

*Class sizes are limited. Advanced reservation required.
Class slots will not be held without deposit equal to full tuition.
Deposit is nonrefundable unless spot can be filled.