Law Enforcement

Tactical Handgun Instructor Course

Tactical Handgun Instructor Course

California POST Control Number 1403-21640-2020

This course will focus on the methods necessary to be a safe and effective Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

(44) HOURS)

Topics to be covered include:

Firearms Instructor Development
Designing Courses of Fire
Evaluation of Range Equipment
Teaching Handgun Fundamentals
Documenting Firearms Training
Range Safety Equipment
Range Training Aids
Effective Coaching Techniques
Adult Learning Concepts
Student Presentations

This will be an interactive class with student participation being required during all aspects of the training.

Throughout the week, there will be individual and group projects to be completed.

Each student will be required to make several presentations in front of the entire class.

Each student will be required to assist with training real students.

The emphasis for this class is developing firearms instructors.
Students are expected to have a better than average ability to manipulate their assigned weapons in a safe manner.
Live fire exercises are for the purpose of developing effective coaching techniques, designing courses of fire and
developing the ability to recognize and correct shooting deficiencies as orchestrated by the instructors.

Throughout the course, each student will be evaluated on the following:

Firearms Safety
Effective Coaching Techniques
Firearms Manipulation Skills
Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills

Each student is required to bring the following equipment to the course:

Duty pistol, 3 magazines and related gear
1000 rounds of duty pistol ammunition
Off duty pistol, 2 magazines and holster
100 rounds off duty pistol ammunition
10 dummy rounds

Range safety equipment (ear protection, eye protection, hat etc.)
Whistle and timing device (i.e. stopwatch)
Cleaning equipment
Foul weather gear
Note taking material & Sharpie
Training aids for their class presentation (Red/Blue gun)


To successfully complete this course and be certified as a TACFIRE Instructor, each student must:

Demonstrate safe weapon handling under all conditions at all times
Demonstrate above average weapon handling skills
Turn in all required assignments timely
Pass the shooting proficiency courses of fire with 100% accuracy and no safety violations (Three attempts allowed)
Receive average or better evaluations on presentation and communication skills
Pass the final written exam with 80% or better

FEE: $625.00