Precision Rifle 1

Precision Rifle 1

The focus of this class is to develop the fundamental
long-range rifle skills necessary to advance to
Precision Rifle (2) and (3)

Topics to Include:
Elements of marksmanship; shooting positions; shooting gear;
cleaning equipment and methods; 100-yard zeroing;
mechanical zero countdown; cold shot zero; scope repeatability tests; bipod vs. pack zeros, and lots more!

Precision Rifle required equipment:


Rifle – minimum 1 MOA capable (1″ groups at 100 yards). Caliber .223 or .308
200-400 rounds Match ammo (we will have for sale – please let us know in advance)
High quality scope w/target knobs and scope caps (Leupold, Nightforce, etc.)
Shooting mat
Stock Pack w/Ammo loops (We will have for sale)
Veil – Any piece of 2ft X 4ft cloth will work (We will have for sale)
Bean Bag (We will make in class)
Data Book (provided)
Pen, pencil, clipboard
Folding chair
Shooting glasses and ear protection
Hat (“Boonie style” or other)
Cleaning supplies including: 1 piece rod, bore guide, jag, patches, solvent, oil, rags, Q-tips, etc.
Appropriate clothing for weather conditions
Food, snacks and plenty of water.


Sun screen, bug spray, chapstick, and bandanna
Spotting Scope or high power Binoculars (>12x) (optional – one per 2 man shooting team is desirable)
Tools to service your scope, rings and rifle, including appropriate torque wrenches (optional)
Tripod (optional)
Knee & Elbow pads (optional)
Leatherman type tool (optional)

Please do not buy anything without consulting us first!!
All items will be available for purchase at class with advanced notice.